Tuesday, August 18, 2009

restockable shawl~

Along with the coming Eid and due to a lot of request for these two shawls, we are now back with BOLD AND COLD and COLOURFUL Rainbow again..

mari bergaya di hari raya ;p

book now dear before its gone :)


RM23 each

Bold and Cold
Sold out

Sold to Fatimah [3 pcs]

Colourful Rainbow
Sold out

1. Sold to Fatimah
2. Sold to Fatimah
3. Sold to di'ah

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Part 3: Paddlepop


Ok semua as promised, we are back with Rainbow Shawl or well known as Yuna shawl :)
Material dia sgt senang nak pkai and tak licin and tak senang gerak2. Warna sgt cantik (can't deny :) )
Ramai yang dah E-mail and sms kami tanya pasal shawl nie utk book..
jadi grab cepat sebelum stock habis!

RM20 each

thanks girls! :)

1. Sold to Ezzy

2. Sold to Reen
3. Sold to Aini

4. Sold to Nadia

5. Sold to Sizuka minamoto

6. Sold to Ekin

7. Sold to Ida

8. Sold to Maisarah Yusoff
9. Sold to Alia

Sold out

1. Sold to Lebo

2. Sold to Ekin
3. Sold to Alia
4. Sold to Nik
5. Sold to Fatimah

6. Sold to Suhaida

thanks girls :)

1. Sold to Faatin

2. Sold to Fatimah

3. Sold to Wan
4. Sold to Reen
5. Sold to Aini


Rainbow Shawl @ Yuna Inspire Shawl is almost there..

Stay with us for the update :)

Sape cepat dia dapat ye :)

love, RaspberryShawl

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yuna inspire shawl

Hye hye sume.. How are you? For your information, we are going to update more Colourful Shawls or Yuna Inspire Shawl plg lewat pon next week sbb tunggu shawls dr dealer :) Shawl2 nie sgt chantek coz of its combination of colour. Material dia chiffon tp bukan soft chiffon. So mmg sgt senang nak pakai and di bentuk :)

Ni antara warna-warna shawl yang bakal di update. Chantek kan :)