Monday, July 27, 2009

Part 2: Smarties

Hi Girls! we are back with new and sweet shawls. Sangat2 sweet ok. Material dia senang nak pkai. Material still the same like the previous one. Material shawl nie bukan printed nye shawl. Just RM21 each. So, jom cuci-cuci mata :)

RM21 each
RM40 for 2 pcs :)

Mesmerizing Red
1 more pc available

Sold to Fatimah
2. Sold to Suhaida
3. available

Smashing Sugar Cane
Sold out!

1. Sold to Ziana

2. Sold to Zai
3. Sold to Fatimah

Superb Turqoise
Sold Out

1. Sold to Farah radio
2. Sold to Intan Sazali
3. Sold to Ila Khalid

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Almost there :)

hye2 ladies!! First and foremost, RaspberryShawl nak ucap tonnes of thanks kat sume sebab bg support and sambutan yang menggalakkan. =) and because of that, kami akan update shawls baru insyaallah by next week. All of em are very sweet and nice!(can't deny) Here kitorang letak skali name for easier viewing or if you want us reserve it for you before we publish next week.With reasonable price, you really cant miss this. So u'll not regret if korang tunggu :)

RM21 each

1. mesmerizing red
2. smashing sugar cane
3. superb turqoise

Monday, July 20, 2009

Part 1: Trendy

Hi girls! We're back with lotsa Sweet and colourful shawls. Due to some request dari costumer, so Raspberry shawl mempercepatkan update dgn kadar segera nya :) So here are the fabulous shawls just for you. Sangat senang nak pkai. Sangat kemas bile pakai sebab dia tak pjg sgt n nampak tak serabut. Grab yours now. So lastly, Happy shopping girl!

email us at

RM23 each

Beautiful amor

Sold to Farah :)

Colourful Rainbow
thanks girls :)

1. Sold to Nurul
2. Sold to Faatin
3. Sold to Zai

Bold n Cold

Sold to Dashiela

Powerful Purple
thanks gurls! :)

1. Sold to Nurul
2. Sold to Wan
3. Sold to Hanim

Bright Floral
Sold out!

1. SOLD to sizuka minamoto
2. Sold to Fatimah

Brown Swirl
Sold out

1. SOLD to Fify
2. SOLD to Ziana
3. Sold to Alia


Sold to Faatin :)

thanks gurls! :)

1. Sold to Sizuka minamoto
2. Sold to faatin
3. Sold to Intan Sazali

Tudung 4 segi


Booked for Tqa

sold out. Thanks yer pada suma customer kami :)


RaspberryShawl will having our sale tomorrow night!

Check on our FuNkY, CoLoUrFuL, ReTrO and SwEeT shawls

Tuesday, 21th July
9.30 pm

so mark your calendar, set your phone's alarm to make sure you'll not miss this sale :)

"I don't do fashion, I'm fashion"
-coco chanel-


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Warming Up! ;)

Here are some of the collection. But sure there'll be more to go :)

Hi ladies! We are colleagues and we are going to release our first batch of shawls soon( very soon :) ) There are lotsa Funky, floral and Bold shawls that you'll never regret. And don't worry because there'll be a model modeling the shawls to give you a very clearer view when its on a human head. Be ready and mark your calendar and be our follower to make sure you'll not miss it. Can't wait for that. See ya then :)