Monday, July 27, 2009

Part 2: Smarties

Hi Girls! we are back with new and sweet shawls. Sangat2 sweet ok. Material dia senang nak pkai. Material still the same like the previous one. Material shawl nie bukan printed nye shawl. Just RM21 each. So, jom cuci-cuci mata :)

RM21 each
RM40 for 2 pcs :)

Mesmerizing Red
1 more pc available

Sold to Fatimah
2. Sold to Suhaida
3. available

Smashing Sugar Cane
Sold out!

1. Sold to Ziana

2. Sold to Zai
3. Sold to Fatimah

Superb Turqoise
Sold Out

1. Sold to Farah radio
2. Sold to Intan Sazali
3. Sold to Ila Khalid


  1. 1) Yg fantastic abstract tuh, chiffon+silk, x licin ke? sng x pkai?
    2) Mcm berminat,tp bape lame ley delay payment ek?

  2. yg 2 dier bkn 100% chiffon..
    so mmg ta licin n sng sgt nak pkai..

    actually kami ta kisah sgt pasal bape lm nak delay as long as costumer bayar n tak jgn lm sgt la..hehe :)