Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Warming Up! ;)

Here are some of the collection. But sure there'll be more to go :)

Hi ladies! We are colleagues and we are going to release our first batch of shawls soon( very soon :) ) There are lotsa Funky, floral and Bold shawls that you'll never regret. And don't worry because there'll be a model modeling the shawls to give you a very clearer view when its on a human head. Be ready and mark your calendar and be our follower to make sure you'll not miss it. Can't wait for that. See ya then :)



  1. salam..nak tanye, shawl macam Atin pakai kat tepi ni ada x?

    how much eyh?tq~

  2. hye dear..really sorry for the late reply..shawl 2 wat mase nie tade stock. rmai gak yg tanye..nnt bler ade, kitorg inform ye :)